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Policies and online access

Ensuring the IET complies with its legal obligations and operates to the highest professional standards is of paramount importance, and particularly as our volunteers deliver activities around the world.

To achieve this, a number of policies are in place to guide how we all behave – volunteers and staff – and we are all required to read and comply with these.  The most important amongst these, because they directly relate to legislation, are:

The Volunteer Code of Conduct provides overall guidance on the conduct expected of IET volunteers, referencing and putting into context the policies above.

Helping you to be aware

It is a mandatory requirement that all our volunteers read and acknowledge the IET Volunteer Code of Conduct and the seven key IET legislative policies listed above through our e-learning portal. 

Volunteers in some specific roles – for example, those who handle personal data or are an Education Officer/Ambassador – will also be asked to undertake some online learning to ensure they are fully familiar with the related legislation and how it is interpreted in practice. This will help you to be confident about what you need to do to meet the requirements and reduce the risk of issues arising. It’s also good CPD and time spent doing this can be recorded in your CPD record.

In summary

  • All volunteers are provided with access to the IET’s e-learning portal, InfoAware, which is pre-loaded with all the policies and guidance that relate to volunteering at the IET.
  • You will need to read the seven mandatory policies and the Volunteer Code of Conduct and ‘sign off’ to indicate that you understand and agree to comply with them. This should take approximately 40 minutes in total.
  • Those who handle IET data as part of their role will also need to complete an updated data protection training module that relates to the General Data Protection Regulations
  • Education Officers/Ambassadors will need to complete the Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk training module. 
  • Training modules will automatically appear in your tasks list if they are required for your role.
  • There are other policies, procedures and guidance that will help you undertake your role, and these can be found in the InfoAware Library. Although you are not required to ‘sign’ them, we strongly encourage you to familiarise yourself with them. You can find out from your role description or staff contact if there are other policies that are specifically relevant to you.

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