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Using social media

Setting up a new social media group? Read the social media policy. 

Be clear about your objectives

It’s vital to be clear on what you’re using Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter for and whether it’s right for you. Do you have time to regularly manage it or could it be better handled through a more established group? What do you want to achieve? Set yourself some goals as, without a purpose, there is a higher chance your enthusiasm will diminish.

Tell people about it

Be proactive and don’t assume people will come to you. Ask questions, answer questions, and always listen to your audience. You can drive people to the IET for more information but you should always be keeping a conversation going.

Be sensible

Don’t post offensive, inappropriate or negative images and don’t make any statements that could be taken as a corporate position, unless you’re producing an official policy or statement. Make sure you identify any copyright material and don’t use your channel to promote your own interests. Read the Rules of Conduct.