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How to plan and fund a community

Decide on the aims and objectives

Take a look at the communities strategy page so you can see how IET Communities fit into the wider IET strategy. Think about what success looks like to you and the IET – for example, we’d like our communities to engage students and young professionals. Our page on successful communities has lots of ideas.

Know your audience

You can ask us for demographic data on our members to help you define your audience and their interests. You can ask for all sorts of things (within reason!) including number of members by postcode, number of members with a technical interest and number of members working towards professional registration.

Requests can take up to ten days. To submit yours, email

Fund your community

We help our volunteer's fund communities in a number of ways including:

  • regular annual funding (for existing Local Networks). Most of our long-standing Local Networks apply for funding in advance, giving them the scope to theme a series of events or activities.
  • event by event or single activity funding (for new Local Networks or ad hoc activities). You can apply for funding at any time and multiple times a year – it’s a flexible system with a reduced administration burden meaning the community can adapt to changing circumstances and find volunteers on an event by event basis. Find out how to request funding. 
  • additional resources. You can ask for extra staff support and volunteer recruitment help on top of your usual funding if your circumstances change. Find out how to request funding.

Funding is awarded by the Communities Resourcing Committee (CRC) and their five regional Communities Committees.

Start an IET On-Campus Student Community

If you want to set up a new community, fill in the application form and email it to

Once you’re set up as an On-Campus community, you’ll be linked with your Local Network who’ll be able to give you funding for events. If you’d like to ask for additional funding, you must fill in the On-Campus Event-by-event funding request form and submit it to