Impact and Society – Opportunities to engage

Gathering knowledge and intelligence from across industry, academia, and the engineering profession, our expert Volunteer-led Panels, and Working Groups produce a wide range of insightful outputs to advance engineering and technology, and to benefit society as a whole.

We’re currently seeking engagement to support the following activities.

Engineering Policy Group Scotland

Would you like to support engineering and technology communities in Scotland? 

We’re looking for volunteers to help develop policy-related and industry-focused guidance. 

For 2022 we’re drawing up plans for outputs on key topics such as climate change, skills, high technology, cyber security, and resilience. 

Engineering Policy Group Northern Ireland

We’re looking for specialist volunteers to help us support engineering and technology communities in Northern Ireland. 

Working with us and our external partners, this Group aims to develop policy-related guidance for government, industry, academic and societal audiences in 2022. 

We’re focusing on key topics such as sustainability/renewables in transport, academia & industry, innovation & entrepreneurship, and digital skills. 

Emergent Properties of Complex Systems Working Group

We are developing high-level guidance for engineering communities, and looking for volunteers to collaborate with our existing safety specialists in this field.

Join our IET Emergent Properties of Complex Systems working group.

Design and Manufacturing Working Groups

Our panels bring together IET members with fellow engineering practitioners from industry, academia, and professionals from disciplines beyond engineering.

Want to shape government and industry views on key topics within design and manufacturing?