IET Faraday Challenge Day volunteers

The IET Faraday Challenge Days are a fantastic way to introduce young people to the exciting world of engineering. Each day is led by an experienced challenge leader, who gives 36 students aged 12-13 an engineering brief and asks them to research, design and build a prototype solution to a real-life engineering challenge.

The days are genuinely challenging for both students and challenge leaders, and we would love to have two IET members supporting each event. If you are able to come along you may be asked to provide 'expert advice', help on the 'shop', where students purchase their materials or support the challenge leader with some of the technical aspects of the challenge. The challenge is kept top secret each year, but the BBC micro:bit will be used in UK sessions.

Having real engineers support the challenge also helps to emphasise the careers messaging of the day. We want all of the students to go away with a good understanding of what engineering is and how they can become an engineer, and it's invaluable to have volunteers on the day who are able to provide real-life context to the tasks the students are undertaking.

Faraday Challenge Days are being held in the UK, India, Brunei, Singapore and Australia this year. To support UK challenge days visit the Schools Liaison online community to find an event near you. For challenge days in India, Brunei, Singapore or Australia please contact the respective Local Network.