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Ved Prakash

In 2006 Ved Prakash gained a BEng degree in Electronics and Communications from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University.

He went on to complete a postgraduate degree in Data Communications in 2008 at the University of Sheffield, UK, and a Level 7 post-graduate diploma in Business and Management in 2010 from the London Institute of Technical Education.

He is also a Certified Project Management Associate (IPMA-D) and received his Chartership in early 2021.

Ved has worked for Alstom in Bangalore, India, since March 2018.

In his Project Engineering Manager role, he specialises in driverless metro signalling.

He’s currently working on a major public transport project known as the Réseau Express Métropolitain – a light rail network that will include 26 stations and 67km of tracks across Greater Montréal, Canada.  

Regional representative

Ved was introduced to us in August 2010 while working for Atkins in Bangalore as a railway signalling design engineer.

“My head of department told me about the IET and how beneficial it could be for me,” said Ved.

“I attended some events run by the IET Bangalore Local Network, where I met many like-minded people.

I soon recognised that my involvement with the IET was enabling me to learn many things that I always wanted to find out more about – it was great for knowledge-sharing.”

Ved wasted no time in putting himself forward as a volunteer for the Young Professionals (YP) section of the IET Bangalore Local Network and in 2016 he progressed through the ranks to become Chair, a position he held for one year.  

From October 2015 to September 2020, Ved represented South Asia’s young professionals on our Global YP Committee (YPC).

“I find the most challenging aspects of this role are remaining abreast of the overwhelming amount of information coming from the young professionals of South Asia and meeting the expectations of Millennials.

“The most rewarding part was when I successfully organised the YP Community Volunteer Conference in Bangalore in February 2020.

This was the first time that the IET South Asia region had hosted this event, so it was a proud moment for me when the YPC believed in my proposal to host it in Bangalore.

“The team organising the event was spread between the UK and India.

We worked as one team across the IET and delivered a seamless conference that turned out to be one of the biggest and most successful YPC events to date.

I’m very proud of that achievement.”

Ground-breaking committee

In February 2020 Ved was instrumental in setting up the YPC South Asia (YPCSA), which he now chairs.

He said “It was my long-term vision to form this committee, where the region’s young professionals are represented by their YP chairs.

South Asia is home to the highest number of IET young professionals in the world and the YPCSA gave us a way to meet their varying needs.

We are a unique committee under the IET umbrella.

“The CCSA [Communities Committee South Asia] drives communication between all the region’s many communities and shares best practice.

Under the CCSA’s guidance, the YPCSA supports the expansion of existing global IET events like Present Around The World by acting as a bridge between the IET and relevant start-up communities in the region.

“It gives me great pleasure to see all our On-Campus groups having such a strong connection to the YP section of their local network.

Our region’s young professionals are highly motivated and brimming with ideas.

So as Chair of the YPCSA, one of my biggest challenges is to find the most effective ways to channel all that enthusiasm and align everyone’s thought processes to achieve a common goal.”

Ved is passionate about inspiring and engaging future technologists

He said: “I work in a safety-critical industry: railway signalling. My projects have very tight deadlines and there’s no room for error – the nature of my work certainly keeps me on my toes.

I hope that young people are inspired by seeing me spending time volunteering for the IET despite my busy schedule.

“When I meet young people and other young professionals, I can see their insatiable appetite for learning and I try to share my knowledge with them as much I can.

That gives me an immense sense of satisfaction.”

Continuous learning

One of the things that Ved enjoys most about volunteering for us is the chance to learn about the latest technology through networking.

“I try not to miss any opportunity to learn from others,” he said. “Volunteering gives me that opportunity.

It allows me to network with other busy professionals and to learn from them.”

But it’s not just technical skills that he’s picking up.

Ved’s many volunteer positions are enabling him to hone a raft of additional skills, including leadership, teamwork, communication and influencing.

He said: “When I’m supporting and leading others as an IET volunteer, I’m continuously acquiring new skills in a very effective, hands-on way – gaining these skills through a conventional learning method would require me to spend a lot more time and money.”

Living our Core Values

Ved prides himself on embodying our Core Values of Integrity, Excellence and Teamwork throughout his work life and his volunteer activities.

“To me, Integrity is behaving honourably and without bias at all times, even when nobody is watching,” he said.

“Excellence is what you strive for when you believe in what you’re doing; it’s about a persistent commitment to doing things better.

Teamwork is the hallmark of one’s accomplishments: when teams exchange ideas freely and work together, they can develop some really creative and effective solutions.

“Whenever I work on a project with other IET volunteers, the Core Values are the inherent foundation that helps us to bond together and to strive for a common goal.”

Summing up, Ved said: “Engineering made me into the person I am today.

I have a natural urge to give back to the engineering community and there is no better platform for this than the IET.”


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