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How IET programmes and awards make a difference to aspiring engineers

Listen to Danielle Workman explain how her STEM experience has made a difference to her career path.

IET FIRST® LEGO® League has a significant impact on children’s STEM skills and sparks an interest in engineering from a young age.

It also develops a broad range of other key skills including collaboration, resilience, teamwork and communication, that are crucial for their education and their future careers.

We have grown the programme so substantially that we are now operating as the third most successful country in terms of team numbers – after the USA and China.

"IET FIRST® LEGO® League has prepared me for life as an engineer far better than anything else I’ve ever taken part in”.

Aaron, Degree Apprentice in Software Engineering

With support from our donors, we enable disadvantaged children and young people to access the programme. The costs of the kit and registration to IET FIRST® LEGO® League can be a barrier to schools in disadvantaged areas, who often lack the resources to meet these costs, and parents cannot afford to contribute. Through the generosity of supporters, we can provide equipment along with training and support to disadvantaged schools and groups, making sure the programmes are accessible to all.

Children aged 4-16 can participate in the programme, which is broken down into three divisions: