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Future Talent Awards

How IET programmes and awards make a difference to aspiring engineers

Listen to Dilani Selvanathan explain how her bursary experience has made a difference to her career path.

Launch Scholarship

We want to help and support people from all backgrounds onto the engineering career ladder and recognise the importance of a strong first start. We realise every individual has very different experiences and opportunities and sometimes these can be barriers to pursuing a career in engineering.

That's why we’re offering Launch Scholarships to students who have faced financial challenges or personal obstacles. Recipients will receive £1,500 per year for the duration of their degree course, and they can apply in any year of study, so they are able to access funding even if they have already started their course.

"The award helped boost my confidence at a time when it felt like the universe was telling me that I’d never be an engineer and to just give up."

Jessica Paterson Meng