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Leave a legacy

By leaving a legacy to the IET you too can help to ensure, for example, that:

  • apprentices and students are supported through their studies
  • children will experience the excitement of engineering opening their eyes to a great career
  • the IET can continue to innovate and respond to an ever-changing landscape.

Every gift in every will makes a difference, whether it is a small percentage or a modest sum of money.

What do I say in my will if I want to leave the IET a gift?

If you are kindly considering leaving us a legacy then we recommend that you take professional advice to ensure the legacy meets your personal circumstances.

These are the details you will need to tell the solicitor:

Institution of Engineering and Technology,
Michael Faraday House,
Six Hills Way,
Stevenage, Herts
Registered charity number 211014 (England and Wales) and SC038698 (Scotland)

Tax benefits

Because we are a charity this gift can have tax advantages. It is likely that for every £1,000 you leave us, £400 inheritance tax will be saved – but please take professional advice.

Would you like your gift used for a specific purpose?

Legacies left to us will be carefully used to further priority areas of work including supporting students, inspiring children and enhancing learning opportunities and professional development.

We appreciate all gifts and use them for the most urgent and beneficial purposes. If you have a vision of how you would like your gift used please contact Bhavini Bhatt at development@theiet.org or on 01438 767 253.


A will is very personal, and we quite understand if you prefer to keep your intentions private. However, if you do wish to let us know about a legacy to the IET we will be able to thank you personally and keep you informed about the impact your gift could make.

Finally, thank you, and we will not forget your generosity! Every gift will be remembered in Savoy Place. The IET is working to engineer a better world and your legacy will bring that vision closer.