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Because we need more sustainable energy supplies that will reduce pollution

If you were to become an engineer, what problem would you want to solve? What is the most important problem that engineers need to solve?

If I were to become an engineer, I would like to help solve climate change because it is a huge global issue which will, and is, affecting many factors such as, weather, pollution, crop growth etc.

I believe climate change is a growing concern which should be addressed as quick as possible. So far climate change has affected the world in many ways e.g. in the UK we are now 30 times more likely to have a heatwave, which 3,400 died from (in the years 2016-2019).

If you could pursue any STEM career when you are older, what would you want to do?

I would choose to pursue a STEM career in theatre as a set designer. This is because I love both theatres as well as engineering, and so it would be the perfect opportunity to be creative as well as construct and engineer.

What subject did you look into for the Innovation Project when you took part in FIRST LEGO League CITY SHAPER Challenge? What did you learn?

We decided to study adding solar panel streetlights to areas in our community, these were an efficient way of creating light while helping to save money and the earth.

We learnt that by using a different source of energy to supply streetlights in the UK, which was green and eco-friendly, we would be able to reduce the cost to supply them dramatically as well as decrease the carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses produced to run them.

If you had the power to change something in the world as an engineer, what would you do?

I think I would like engineers to work on more sustainable, environmentally friendly energy supplies.

This would help reduce the amount of pollution produced by power stations, or greenhouse gasses produced by fuel used to run a car.

As a result, climate change would be reduced along with the problems that come with it.