Because it's my generation that's going to have to deal with the effects of climate change

About Harvey

Harvey is 13 years old and was a participant in the IET’s FIRST® LEGO® League programme which has had a lasting effect on him. He is now thinking about a career in engineering having focused on climate change for their team challenge.

If you were to become an engineer, what problem would you want to solve?

I’d like to solve climate change.

If you could pursue any STEM career when you are older, what would you want to do?

Something in engineering.

What do you think of climate change?

I think that in the very near future it will be something that young people will have to deal with and I don't think that people will see how badly it is already affecting the world and how it’s affecting the ecosystem, and how they need to treat it soon before it becomes untreatable. I think people need to know how serious this is to everything; if the ecosystem goes down it will have a domino effect on everything.

What subject did you look at when you took part in FIRST LEGO League Challenge activity? What did you learn?

We looked at building an eco-friendly building and something that we could do to help the environment whilst keeping it strong and durable. We took a trip to Google to tell them about our idea about eco-bricks because they were building their new KGX1 building close to where the current Google headquarters are. We also got to have a virtual tour of the building to see what they were doing to help the environment by planting a lot of trees and having a green roof in the building.

If you had the power to change something in the world, what would you like engineers to do?

Help the environment more.