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Supporting returners to STEM

Challenges for recruiting employers

Having a talented, diverse and inclusive workforce is a priority for many employers around the world. It is also a challenge, particularly for employers in countries where there is a shortage of engineers.

The IET’s 2016 Skills and Demand in Industry Survey confirmed a nationwide shortage of engineers in the UK. It also reported that the majority of UK employers are concerned or uncertain about the impact Brexit will have on their recruitment plans.

Returners to STEM: a solution?

The IET and Prospect propose one solution: that employers focus on supporting returners to STEM as part of their workforce strategy.

Returners are often underutilised. Yet they have the experience and technical aptitude from previous roles that generally enable them to step back into a STEM role without too much difficulty.

STEM Returners Guide cover

How employers can attract and retain returners

The IET and Prospect’s document Supporting the STEP back into STEM careers, provides guidance for employers who want to support returners to STEM. It:

  • identifies barriers for returners to STEM roles
  • considers how to overcome such barriers, providing best practice actions and examples.

The guidance is the result of a partnership between the IET, one of the world’s largest engineering and technology professional institutions, and Prospect, a trade union for professionals.

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