The Cyber Security Alliance

The Cyber Security Alliance (the Alliance) is a consortium of 16 organisations, constituting a broad representation of the UK Cyber Security Community, which have come together in recognition of common aims, particularly the desire to raise the overall standard of current cyber security practice.

The Alliance formed by mutual agreement in early 2017 in recognition of the need to co-ordinate engagement by the main bodies involved in cyber security to support and address the government’s developing ideas on cyber security skills and practice, as described in the National Cyber Security Strategy. It expanded as organisations sought or were asked to join until it became a credible representation of the community. The aim is to continue developing this representation throughout the formation and eventual operation of the Council, thereby ensuring that this is a body that continues to evolve.

The Alliance today encapsulates a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities to be managed and the abilities and capacity to do so effectively. The Alliance members, individually, in consortia and in partnership with government and other organisations outside the Alliance, have been working for some years on initiatives which have already delivered many of the existing elements of the UK cyber security community, including for example: skills frameworks and bodies of knowledge, Codes of Conduct and Ethics, academic programmes and accreditation guidelines, apprenticeship standards, and more, all underpinned by a rich repository of research and thought leadership . The Alliance is excited by the prospect of bringing these initiatives, experience and relationships into an overarching project with the strategic aim of forming a Council that can enhance their recognition and impact.

The Alliance members