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Terms of Reference: UK Cyber Security Council Project Board

The purpose of the UK Cyber Security Council Project Board is to provide strategic oversight of the Council formation project, alongside setting the strategic direction of the project. The Board will provide assurance to the Authority Board on delivery of the project in accordance with the agreed contract and in line with the needs of the UK cyber security profession.

Scope and Responsibilities

The Project Board will:

  • Review delivery of the different workstreams, deliverables and milestones.
  • Assess the reported progress of the project against agreed targets, to take decisions on measures to mitigate problems arising and monitor the effect of those measures.
  • Provide oversight of reporting to the Authority Board and funding claims.
  • Review risks and issues, providing guidance on mitigation and resolution.
  • Work to ensure good governance within the project environment.

Expectations on members and rules of involvement

  • To work with the project team on the overall achievement of the project, including issues related to delivery of targets.
  • To attend the Project Board meetings, either face to face or virtually, on a monthly basis. Meetings are expected to last around 2 hours.
  • To read in advance, all the papers prepared for the meetings.
  • To assess reported progress of the project against agreed targets, to take decisions on measures to address problems arising and monitor the effect of those measures.
  • For continuity, non-attendance for more than three meetings will be taken as withdrawal from the Project Board, unless there are extenuating circumstances agreed by the Co-Chairs.
  • Physical meetings will be the norm, although virtual working will be required where urgent decisions are required.


  • No more than 15 individuals comprising:
  • A Co-Chair appointed by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS).
  • A Co-Chair, independent of all represented Alliance organisations appointed by an open and transparent process.
  • 8 members of the Cyber Security Alliance (representing the Alliance and not their individual organisations)
  • Representative from the project Advisory Group
  • The Project Manager
  • 3 members nominated by DCMS to include, representatives from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).
  • Project Co-ordinator (minutes)
  • Other individuals from the working groups and project team will be invited to attend meeting as observers depending on the business of the meeting.

The Project Board quorum is 8 of the 15 members.

Project Secretariat
October 2019


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