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Workstream 6: Qualifications

Workstream Purpose 

Workstream 6 is expected to draft a clear route through the profession incorporating qualifications, certifications and associated policies. The framework, agreed across the profession, should set out the comprehensive alignment of career pathway(s), leading towards a nationally recognised career structure adopted by the whole UK cyber security sector. 

This role is not remunerated but the post-holder is able to claim reasonable out-of-pocket expenses. No specified location – commitments can be carried out remotely with expectation of travel to occasional meetings face to face – anticipated to be London but other locations in the UK also possible.


  • Draft approach to qualifications framework produced and effective method of community challenge to be agreed by the Authority. The draft should clearly articulate the overall aim of such a framework, the issues that need to be addressed and how the proposed framework will address these issues and be of benefit to the community.
  • Produce a career framework:
    • The Supplier must be able to present the new Cyber Security Qualifications Framework.
    • It must be clear how the Framework addresses issues of, and shows clear benefits for, alignment of qualifications and career pathways.
    • The Supplier must be able to show strong support from the UK Cyber security sector for the Qualifications framework along with early adopter.
  • A defined list of certifications produced and issued to the Authority for review.
  • A policy and process for determining equivalences between certifications produced and issued to the Authority for review.
  • Preliminary report which considers options for CyBOK's transition to the UK CSC issued for review and sign off by the Authority - The supplier is to demonstrate that it has had in-depth discussions with the CyBOK project team as well as government. The preliminary report should have the support of the CyBOK team.


Person Specification 

Essential Criteria:

  • Strong technical understanding of the fundamentals of Cyber Security.
  • Leading experts from institutions/ organisations with strong track record in cyber security as evidenced by reputation and past achievements.
  • Representing “high-growth” companies or application areas.
  • Experience of working to manage and support professional development including an understanding of the cyber security profession and existing career paths.
  • An overview of the broader cyber security profession and the existing associated qualifications including an understanding of their respective benefits to the individual/ organisation.

Desirable Criteria:

  • A passion for making the UK the leading country for cyber security professionalism.
  • A desire to help strengthen the secure digital economy and society in the UK.
  • Experienced across a range of industries/ applications.

This description is intended as a general guide to the scope of the position. 

Roles are to be applied for by organisations with a suitably experienced and senior representative individual identified. 

If you are interested to support the UK CSC Formation Project and feel you have experience in a number of these areas (even if it’s not quite all of them) please send a ‘Letter of Application’ signed by C (or Director) Level for consideration to csc@theiet.org

Please note: There is no template for the letter of application. It should outline credentials and experience in relation to the person specification and the deliverables/ the role summary.  A C/Director Level signature is a helpful indication of organisation's willingness to support the individual's participation in the project.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion is an important part of any project and it enables us to understand everyone's individual experience and perspective; we kindly request that applicants complete and return our ‘Equality and Diversity Monitoring’ form along with their letter of application.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


The information provided on this form/email will be processed by the IET, as part of the Cyber Security Skills Alliance, for purposes which support and further the Alliances aims and ideals for the development of cyber skills within the engineering community including the UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project.