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IET EngShorts - Recovering from Covid-19: How can job creation and upskilling the economy help?

In this EngShort we look at how we can protect jobs, upskill and train workers and embrace digitalisation as countries begin to recover from Covid-19. The impacts of Covid-19 are having lasting effects on our workforce with many employees out of work or threatened with redundancy. Key sectors that are vital to our growth are experiencing skills shortages including cyber security, renewable energies, healthcare, agriculture and others. It is vital that we align skills to current and future industry demands. To meet the demands of an increasing digital economy, Government and business investment in reskilling themselves and individuals will be crucial. How can we ensure that the job market is providing appropriate skills for employees to meet the demands of the workforce?


IET EngShorts - Can tech help solve the Irish border issue?

In a digitalised and electronic world, with globalised supply chains, borders are so much more than just physical barriers. Technology could play an important role in facilitating the movement of goods...could it help solve the Irish border issue?

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