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Net Zero - what are the options?

In this EngShort we look at the transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions and the role people and technology play.

Do you think a better understanding of energy technologies will help us decarbonise the energy system?

Learn more about net zero energy technologies in our guide:

Our climate crisis: who’s responsible for addressing climate change?

This #EngShort by the IET looks at the responsibility we all have in addressing our #climateimpact. In our recent IET Green Preferences Survey, we asked UK respondents whose responsibility it is to address #climatechange. UK adults place 23% of total responsibility with their national Government, 16% of this responsibility at the individual level, and 10% on #scienceandtechnology. Who do you think is responsible for reducing our climate impact?

An eco-friendly Christmas: Can you be more sustainable this holiday season?

This #EngShort by the IET looks at making your #holidayseason more #sustainable. As we get into the festive spirit, we must consider our #carbonfootprint. Did you know that around 3 million tonnes of #plasticpackaging are used for gifts? How are you making this holiday season more environmentally friendly?

Can our economic recovery be a green recovery?

Our economic recovery needs to be a green recovery. To achieve net-zero in the timescales we need, society, industry and governments need to work together and make society greener, smarter and more connected. Can we lead the way towards a sustainable recovery?

Could hydrogen heat my home?

The UK is investigating the supply of hydrogen to homes and businesses by “repurposing” the gas network, which has not yet been done anywhere else in the world.

But what are the engineering risks and uncertainties involved?

Have you put your heating on yet?

85% of UK homes still rely on natural gas which contributes to 19% of our greenhouse gas emissions.

With the temperature dropping and winter just around the corner, have you turned your heating on yet?

Is my fridge safe to use?

Do you live in rented accommodation with appliances you didn’t buy? Have you checked to make sure they are working correctly and more importantly, that they are safe?

If you’re concerned, make sure you speak to your landlord and get your appliances checked.

Could my home be more energy efficient?

Our homes account for 20% of UK greenhouse gas emissions every year, so whether you’re a homeowner or landlord, could you be doing more to reduce your carbon footprint?

Why are smart meters important?

Are you confused about smart meters? We’ve all seen them in the news recently but how important are they and should we invest in them?

You might not think so now, but they have a big part to play in managing our energy use in the future, so it’s good to know the facts…

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