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EngShorts is an ongoing series of 60-second videos, released every week, that ask challenging questions on big engineering topics to boost our public engagement and thought leadership.

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DC ecosystem - does the off-grid world need a new electrical ecosystem?

In this EngShort we discuss the need for a new electrical ecosystem in the off-grid world as there are 500 million people with an unreliable national grid.

We are advocating for the development of a global VDC ecosystem.

Learn more at www.theiet.org/48VDC

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Why EngShorts?

As part of our aim to inspire, inform and influence, we have developed a new public-focused social media video campaign that highlights the role of engineering in addressing important societal challenges.

Emphasising our charitable remit, we hope to engage a new, younger audience and collect valuable information and data which can influence future work and help demonstrate how relevant the work at the IET is.

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Got an idea for a future topic?

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