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Healthy living

Housing is a key challenge - poor housing is linked to health conditions, including mental health, asthma, and respiratory infections.

It’s time for public health to improve homes by tackling substandard housing.

By engaging with Government, local authorities and practitioners, we aim to enhance industry practices, support research and influence policy interventions for the better.

This page brings together our thought leadership reports, webinars, and other resources to keep you up to date on how we are dealing with this challenge.

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Is your home negatively impacting your wellbeing?

SEP 2020

In the UK, those in the most deprived neighbourhoods live 9 years less than those in the least deprived neighbourhoods. What does this say about our homes impact on our health and wellbeing?

Homes are not just buildings that protect us from the outdoors but have a large impact on our wellbeing. We need our homes to be people-centred, low carbon, adaptable and comfortable.

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NOV 2018

What is healthy living in homes?

APR 2020

What is age friendly and inclusive living?

APR 2020

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