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List of Grand Challenges

The intended outcome in each case was to develop background documentation, feasibility studies, and a Roadmap of strategic directions.

The Moderators of Challenges GC2 and GC4 (involving different aspects of ubiquitous computing) agreed to combine them, and to add a new theme on human experience; the resulting Challenge GC2/4 had a new title.

A small committee for each Challenge was set up to carry it forward, together with an overall Steering Committee. Each Committee has elected a Chair.

The Committees and Chairs are listed below:

GC0 -Steering (Initial membership) Wendy Hall (Southampton, Chair)
Alan Bundy (Edinburgh)
Tom Rodden (Nottingham)
Joe Sventek (Glasgow)
GC1 - In Vivo In Silico Andrew Bangham (East Anglia, Chair)
Luca Cardelli (Microsoft)
GC2/4 - Ubiquitous Computing: Experience, Design and Science Morris Sloman (Imperial, Chair)
Dan Chalmers (Sussex)
Jon Crowcroft (Cambridge)
Marta Kwiatkowska (Oxford)
Robin Milner (Cambridge)
Tom Rodden (Nottingham)
Vladimiro Sassone (Sussex)
GC3 - Memories for Life Nigel Shadbolt (Southampton, Chair)
Andrew Fitzgibbon (Oxford)
Wendy Hall (Southampton)
Ian Horrocks (Manchester)
Ehud Reiter (Aberdeen)
GC5 - The Architecture of Brain & Mind Leslie Smith (Stirling, Chair)
Steve Furber (Manchester)
Mark Lee (Aberystwyth) 
Murray Shanahan (Imperial)
Anthony Cohn (Leeds)
Stephen Muggleton (Imperial)
Patrick Courtney (Perkin Elmer)
Jim Cunningham (Imperial)
Ron Chrisley (Sussex)
GC6 - Dependable Systems Evolution Peter O'Hearn (Queen Mary, Chair)
Cliff Jones (Newcastle)
Jim Woodcock (York)
GC7 - Journeys in Nonclassical Computation Susan Stepney (York, Chair)
Samson Abramsky (Oxford)
Andrew Adamatzky (W. of England)
Colin Johnson (Kent)
Jon Timmis (York)
GC8 - Learning for Life Josie Taylor (OU, Chair)
Tom Boyle (London Metropolitan)
Hugh Davis (Southampton)
Mike Sharples (Nottingham)
GC9 - Bringing the Past to Life for the Citizen David Arnold (Brighton, Chair)
David Duce (Oxford Brooks)
Andrew Day (UEA)
Alan Chalmers (Warwick)
Phil Willis (Bath)