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How to join UKCRC

Applications are made by either recommendation from a current member of UKCRC or direct to the UKCRC Secretariat - for passing on to the Chair of the Membership Panel. Each new applicant will be asked for a CV and any relevant documents to support the application. Members are expected to actively support activities such as contributing to government consultations within their area of expertise, or organising or participating in events that further UKCRC’s key aims. 

Please view the Frequently Asked Questions on Joining UKCRC

UKCRC welcomes applications from researchers in both academia and industry; academics must have demonstrated international research leadership; industry researchers must have demonstrated that they are taking a leading role in Computing research and/or its application. Applications are particularly welcomed from individuals who have a passionate interest in research policy, and the ability and commitment to help shape research policy.

Examples of international research leadership for academics could be (this list is not necessarily exhaustive):

  • being a Fellow of a recognised learned society, e.g. FREng or FRS
  • having a world-class publication record
  • editing a leading journal
  • chairing a premium conference programme committee
  • being invited to speak at high impact research events
  • chairing an international research society
  • playing a leading role within an internationally respected industrial or academic research group

Examples of appropriate evidence for industry researchers wishing to join could be (this list is not necessarily exhaustive):

  • being a Fellow of a recognised learned society, e.g. FREng or FRS
  • being a Fellow, “Outstanding Researcher”, “Master Inventor” (or a similar denomination) of the company for which they work
  • having a strong publication record, including the publication of professional articles or books
  • organising an industrial track (or similar) at relevant’ conferences or workshops
  • being invited to speak at high impact research or other events disseminating computing research and/or its application
  • chairing (or taking a leading role in) a professional society
  • filing of successful patents
  • being a recipient of a prize for industrial innovation (e.g. BCS Technology Excellence Awards, IET innovation awards, Queen’s Award for Industry, ….)
  • playing a leading role in a Standards body
  • being responsible for setting research/development strategy within their company
  • being a member of an industrial advisory board for a leading university

The UKCRC Membership Panel comprises a minimum of 4 elected members of UKCRC and may also include nominees from the IET, BCS & CPHC, to consider and approve applications for membership. 

Following receipt of an application, the Chair of the Membership Panel will consult with the other members of the Membership Panel. The decision is then emailed to the Chair of the Executive Committee and he/she advises the applicant of the Panel’s decision and the outcome. If successful the UKCRC Secretariat will contact the applicant to request the title they wish to be displayed on the UKCRC website and a link to their personal page. In addition, they will be added to the JISCMail distribution list.