Frequently Asked Questions

What does UKCRC do?

You can find an introduction to UKCRC on our web site. In particular, "UKCRC aims to be a single voice for UK Computing Research". Its main current activities are: responding to relevant consultations and meeting with key figures in funding agencies, government, industry, related organisations, etc. It also does background research, e.g. on funding statistics and takes advantage of PR opportunities. Summaries of our meetings are on our website.

Why do you only have a special relationship with BCS, IET and CPHC?

We are an expert panel of BCS, IET and CPHC because all three organisations have a legitimate claim to speak on behalf of the whole UK computing community. We considered establishing a similar relationship with other organisations but either their interests only partially intersected with computing research or their focus was principally outside the UK. We are in contact with a number of other bodies and are happy to work closely with any organisation with which we can make common cause.

Who are the members of UKCRC?

There is a membership list on our web site.

What are the duties of membership?

Most of the day to day business of UKCRC is dealt with by an Executive Committee, which has several meetings a year and has frequent email discussion. The full UKCRC meets once a year and is consulted on major issues. The UKCRC also provides a pool of people to champion consultation responses; organise events and activities, such as the Grand Challenge initiative; take part in visits; and to be elected onto the Executive Committee, Membership Panel and other ad hoc working groups.

How is UKCRC funded?

Currently, the costs of travel and subsistence for Executive meetings and visits are shared between BCS and IET, although members will be expected to fund their travel to the full UKCRC annual meeting.