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Announcing the £150,000 Rees Jeffreys Road Fund Competition

The Trustees are offering grants – up to a possible £150,000, plus cash prizes of £5,000 for schools – to encourage new and creative thinking about what road users, and society as a whole, expect from the roads of the future.

The £150,000 question is:

What’s your vision of the way in which our roads (motorways, highways or streets) could best work for us all as we square up to the challenges of the next 50 years? 

Marker stone for the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund

Marker stone for the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund

The Trustees are encouraging entries from everyone – from school children to big business.  

For William Rees Jeffreys, safe and appealing roads and streets were the key to a better quality of life for all. 

‘We aren’t just looking for the imagination, innovation, and creativity of your ideas – we want to see how imaginatively and creatively they can be presented.

We’re after compelling ideas, compellingly presented. Because that’s what we think William would himself have wanted to celebrate the 150th anniversary of his birth.’ - Trustee Andy Graham

‘William was one of those rare people who could not only see into the future but had the energy and knowledge to shape the way that future would play out.

Roll forward to 2021

What would William be seeing today and in the future? Would his foresight have helped him see beyond the limits of today's roads and todays’ technology?’ - Trustee Steve Gooding

Join the Trustees and guests at a free webinar on 14 September at which the competition will be officially launched, and the aims and objectives of the competition explained. Two of the panel judges, Andy Graham and Steve Gooding, are from our Transport Panel.

Visit the competition website at to find out how you can enter. Entries open on 14 September at 12.00pm.