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Here are just some of the recent stories we’ve covered in our newsletters.


Manufacturers’ product data: a plain language guide

Manufacturers produce a significant part of the information required to bring about a safer construction industry, but this information is currently not structured or shared in a consistent way. To encourage manufacturers to share their needs and discuss the topic, we are publishing a series of blog posts investigating the issues around information management for construction product manufacturers in the UK and Europe.


Design is everything

Design is the practice and process through which society, governments and businesses set about the task of meeting both existing and future unmet needs of planet Earth, humans and all living things. Find out what ‘Design is everything’ means, exemplars of good design and more in our new design hub.


Internet voting in the UK

Written for policymakers and for those concerned with electronic voting, our paper seeks to provide well-informed and authoritative technical advice on the issues, challenges and risks around such systems, with respect to their requirements, design, deployment and operation. We review the motivations for internet voting, discuss the risks associated with it, and the socio-technical issues associated with the introduction of any such system to justify and maintain public trust.


Get ahead in the energy sector

The challenges facing the energy sector are profound. The energy system is undergoing a transformation that is simultaneously decarbonising, digitising, decentralising and becoming ever more driven by energy consumers’ individual preferences. We have brought together all our activities and resources which relate to the energy sector.


Engineering in Africa – connecting brilliant minds and inspiring future engineering generations

The need for engineering capacity is widely recognised across the African continent. Many African countries have produced development plans that identify goals and strategies to this end. We held a webinar with the aim to build a sustainable community of engineers and volunteers either present or non-present in the continent with a vested interest in its growth and development.


EngShorts: are flying cars nearly a reality?

Flying taxis aren’t a reality yet but they are under development in many different countries including the UK. The flying taxi market is expected to be worth $6 billion by 2030. Take-off and landing tests continue to be made with piloted air taxis expected before 2025 but a major challenge will be the uptake of them.