Call for case studies

Our core purpose is to connect engineers with domain experts from clinical, regulatory, policy, commissioning, patient representation and other backgrounds. This is to ensure that existing engineering knowledge is rapidly brought to bear on the most significant of today's healthcare problems and opportunities.

As a result, our priorities are to facilitate these connections while promoting and celebrating excellence in engineering. This applies not only where there is already a validated healthcare use case, but also where technologies that are being applied in other industries have clear potential to be adapted to health, care and life sciences. 

As such, we are looking to connect with the membership and local networks to gather global case studies showing engineering impact within healthcare, which we can highlight in our conversations with clinicians, healthcare providers, regulators and the wider public.

The case studies – covering a range of categories from manufacturing to pharmaceutical – will explain how a clinical need was identified and addressed, and how this is supported by the outputs/evidence.   

If you have been involved with a project that would make a great healthcare engineering case study, we would welcome your input. Case study details can be submitted by filling in this short questionnaire. 


The questionnaire is now closed.