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Is there a need for adopting digital technology in healthcare?

We currently live in a world where our life is almost entirely reliant on technology. Everyone wants immediate and easy access, in the most convenient way possible – this includes healthcare services.

Adeboye shared his experiences as co-founder and executive director at Whispa Health. At Whispa, they provide information and access to knowledge of healthcare services to people without having to see a doctor. Simply by logging on to your mobile phones, you will be able to access the resources you need.

In Nigeria, the statistic shows that there are 10 doctors to 10,000 people. These are the primary care givers and we need to complement their efforts; this is where digital technology comes into play. Digital technology is going to pave a way for a new regime in terms of healthcare.

Is there a need for adopting digital technology in healthcare?

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Every company has different needs, challenges and lessons to share. Adeboye shared his experiences from Whispa and how they use digital technology to improve the healthcare services they offer.

We know the importance and positive impact sharing knowledge and information within our community has and invite your opinions. We are keen to find out if there are other ways that digital technology is impacting healthcare, as well as what we should keep in mind.

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Adeboye Fajemisin, Business Development Director, Whispa

Adeboye is a strategic leader with great commercial acumen. A strong-willed entrepreneur with skills geared towards identifying and leveraging organisational strengths to limit threats and maximize opportunities for sustainable growth and prosperity.