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Power Electronics in Distribution Networks (UKPN and Hub Net) - research challenges

Power Electronics in Distribution Networks Event - 30th November 2016 at Savoy Place

Event organised by UK Power Networks and HubNet with support from the Centre for Power Electronics and filmed by IET.TV



The evolution of the distribution network is demanding innovative methods to control power flows and voltages in order to integrate new loads and increase the density of distributed generation. Power electronic controllers are one of the options actively being considered and several DNOs in the UK have trialled them. It is clear, however, that there are still challenges to the widespread deployment of power electronic controllers in distribution networks.

This event brought together academics, equipment vendors and network operators to discuss the lessons learned from Low Carbon Network Fund projects which have deployed power electronic solutions for distribution networks.

The objective of the event was to identify lessons learned from these trials and to distil from those lessons some good practice and some fresh challenges that can be taken up by the research and development community to propel the technology forward.


Event Programme 

The event programme covered specifying, designing, building and deployment of power electronics through presentations by a selection of projects in this field. After the presentations, workshops were run to discuss the future of power electronics in distribution networks and identify areas of research which have yet to be addressed by the community.


Event Videos

Tim Green – Imperial College and HubNet


Peter Lang – UK Power Networks – Flexible Urban Networks Low Voltage Design Authority
“The UK Electricity Supply Chain”


Dr Nigel Jakeman – Turbo Power Systems
“PE for Smart Grids”


Marc Doran - SSEN
“LV Network Connected Energy Storage”


Jonathan Berry – WPD
“FlexDgrid LCNI Project”


Dr Andrew Cross - Aston University
“Increase network capacity”


Jon Clare - University of Nottingham
“High Power Density Mid-feeder Converter Evaluation”


Q&A Panel Session


Workshop Summary
“Challenges of deploying power electronics in distribution networks”