The Future Power System Architecture Project Phase one

Building on the ‘Handling a Shock to the System’ report - delivered by the IET’s ‘Power Network Joint Vision’ - Expert Group which was brought together to consider how best to address the challenges facing Great Britain’s power networks as the electricity system undergoes a period of transformative change - the project team has worked with the stakeholder community to deliver a final report to DECC. The Energy Systems Catapult and the IET have drawn upon their respective strengths and engaged with a broad community of stakeholders and other specialists to deliver the project.

The collaboration has brought extensive expertise, knowledge and experience to the project, combining technical, commercial and customer perspectives, and has included the significant contribution of senior thought leaders from the IET’s membership.

The unique combination of complementary skills has enabled innovation in approach, deep analysis and robust evidence building. The collaboration has maintained a strong focus on project governance, delivery and commercial management, and has applied best practice in all aspects of its work. The position of the IET and the Energy Systems Catapult in the energy sector has assured independence in the forming of the project findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Project outcomes

The FPSA project findings will assist ministers, officials and industry professionals to anticipate the necessary developments and to assess their significance.

The project approach has been to apply systems engineering techniques to examine credible power sector evolutionary pathways and the new power system functionality required. The project analysis draws on National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios, focusing on the ‘Gone Green’ scenario as the one most consistent with established energy policy objectives.

The project was conducted under the governance and direction of a Joint Sponsors Board and managed by a Project Delivery Board. The project was delivered by the Energy Systems Catapult and the IET, supported by IET Fellows and a wider community of professionals in a voluntary capacity.

The supporting evidence was drawn together by the project's selected knowledge area consultants: Ricardo Energy and Environment, Frazer Nash Consultancy, and Mapsar. The stakeholder activities brought together some 80 industry parties.

Project documents

This webpage contains the resources that have been produced by the project:


Nick Winser, Chairman of the Energy Systems Catapult and Chair of the FPSA Joint Sponsors Board said

"These are exciting times with the energy sector undergoing change at an unprecedented rate. If we are to respond positively to the challenges presented by the 21st century we need a rethink of the way in which we balance competing needs around the energy agenda. Fundamental to our success is our ability to create the right conditions to support truly innovative thinking and encourage meaningful conversations from across the sector. The FPSA project represents just such an approach, which is why the Energy Systems Catapult believes the publication of this report is such an important step in designing an electricity system fit for our shared future."

Dr Simon Harrison, Chair of the FPSA Project Delivery Board said

"The IET and the Energy Systems Catapult have brought together an incredible, visionary yet pragmatic team which it has been my privilege to lead. We have engaged widely with the industry, and have applied the techniques of systems engineering to view the whole electric power system through an entirely new lens, something I have found personally challenging and highly insightful. The conclusions are clear. We need to act now to create an industry where we are empowered by this transformation, and find new ways to work that release the value and possibilities the new technology brings for us."


Event videos, images and presentation materials

You can view the Future Power System Architect Report Launch event videos, images and presentation materials.

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