FPSA2 - Meeting Britain's Future Power System Challenges

Future Power System Architecture – Phase 2 

The IET and project partners the Energy Systems Catapult are delighted to report the findings of the second phase of the Future Power Systems Architecture programme (FPSA2), with thanks to Innovate UK for their funding support.

Britain’s power system is undergoing radical transformation driven by the triple challenges (the ‘trilemma’) of sustainability, affordability and security of supply.

The FPSA programme is taking a holistic and whole system approach to the evolution of the power system architecture – considering technical, governance, commercial and societal factors.

Building on the evidence for 35 new or significantly enhanced power system functions needed to meet new challenges by the 2030s reported in FPSA1, this second phase of the programme has:

  • Broadened stakeholder engagement including the power industry, engineering and technology companies, local government, smart energy innovators and consumer groups
  • Validated and deepened the original analysis of new function
  • Confirmed the importance of flexibility and agility to accommodate the range of possible future outcomes in the energy sector
  • Identified numerous barriers to implementing its recommendations under today's sector mechanisms, including substantive governance, technical, regulatory and commercial issues
  • Explored entirely new ways to deliver agile, flexible and stakeholder-inclusive change governance, an aspect that will be taken further in future phases of work.

The key challenge now is to build a shared vision across the emerging and highly complex stakeholder group, which will need whole industry engagement and government support. At present these stakeholders are not in dialogue and lack shared understanding and even a common lexicon.

Government and Regulatory endorsement are now timely and critical if the sector is to be mobilised and practical next steps implemented.

On behalf of the IET and the Energy Systems Catapult, we extend our thanks to all those involved in this second phase of the Future Power System Architecture programme. FPSA2 has delivered a series of in-depth reports.

These are published in PDF format and may be downloaded by following the links below, your comments invited by email energy@theiet.org or via Twitter using the hashtags #FPSAproject and or #futurepower Presentations from the 23 June launch event may be viewed online.

FPSA2 reports

  1. Synthesis Report
  2. Policy Briefing Paper
  3. Insights into requirements of existing and new parties (WP1A)
  4. Future Stakeholder Needs (WP1B)
  5. Functional Analysis (WP2)
  6. Impact Analysis (WP3)
  7. Enabling Framework Identification (WP4)
  8. Methodology (WP5)

FPSA2 perspectives

9. Perspectives for the Established Power Industry including Distribution Network Operators, Distribution System Operators, Large Generators, established network equipment vendors, key consultancies and technical media
10. Perspectives for Domestic & Micro SME Customers including Suppliers and Non-Traditional Business Models, the smart metering community, smart home and energy management services
11. Perspectives for Industrial Customers and Communities including Aggregators, Energy Community Enterprises, Smart Cities, Distributed Generation Operators, Storage Operators, Virtual Power Plant Operators and Virtual Communities
12. Perspectives for Policy Makers & Supporting Organisations including academia, Research Councils and non-technical media
13. Perspectives for Vendors and Supply Chain including grid edge products, data and communications and service providers, and white goods manufacturers
14. FPSA Stakeholder Perspectives