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Green Construction Board tackles buildings mission 2030 target in new report

Launched at IET London: Savoy Place on 2 July 2019, a new report from the Green Construction Board (GCB) places its Recommendations in the context of the longer-term 2050 net-zero objective and asserts that new technologies and modern construction methods are not a pre-requisite for delivery.

However, the GCB response addresses the need for mass production of high-performance fabric and systems to apply the solutions at scale.

Using case studies to provide background evidence for recommendations on reducing energy demand and improving energy and system efficiencies, the report unequivocally supports the view that the Mission is deliverable.

Lynne Sullivan OBE, Architect, GCB Member and Chair of the GCB Buildings Mission Taskgroup, said: “We have focused, as a nearer-term objective, on reducing energy demand and improving energy and system efficiencies. Along with process efficiencies including better quality management and procurement practices, we demonstrate how the Challenge can be tackled pragmatically, building on current best practice.

“Our Recommendations unequivocally support the Mission objective and this report demonstrates that it is realisable. We call for urgent and consistent action on three fronts – regulation, incentives and supporting research.”

The full report can be found on the Construction Leadership Council website.

Prior to the launch event, which was sponsored by the IET, BRE and the new Active Building Centre in Swansea, the IET conducted interviews with several experts from across the construction sector to get their thoughts on the issues discussed in the report. A video featuring excerpts from these interviews will be published in the coming weeks.