Enabling the DSO transition - A consultation on the ESO’s approach to Distribution System Operation (2021)

The IET welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Energy System Operator (ESO) consultation and to provide feedback on the ESO’s principles and vision in enabling the Distribution System Operator (DSO) transition.

This is an opportunity for a more coordinated approach in the development of the whole electricity system, through joined-up thinking and application of systems engineering principles.

Promoting understanding of the critical interdependencies between systems, technologies, stakeholders, and customers is essential to the DSO transition, and the ultimate transition to a whole energy system approach that will enable Net Zero.

The IET believes:

  • a truly ‘whole (electricity) system’ approach requires a broader perspective
  • community energy enterprises (physical or virtual), energy hubs and individual customers (enabled by technology), will have an increasing influence on physical energy flows across distribution, and ultimately transmission networks
  • greater consideration is needed, as to the important role that flexibility from Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) will play in the wider electricity, and ultimately whole energy system
  • ESO and DSOs must continue to evolve systems and processes that minimise inconsistencies, including applying sensitivity analyses to better understand the potential impact of any unresolved differences
  • a more fundamental review of industry code governance is required