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Older people's housing taskforce

The UK government has inaugurated the "Older People's Housing Taskforce." This initiative is designed to amplify the housing choices, quality, and security available to our ageing populace. 

Led by Professor Emerita of Nursing, Julienne Meyer, the task force will primarily concentrate on specialised and supported housing solutions, specially tailored for middle-income elderly individuals while excluding care homes. 

They have initiated the "Older People's Housing Taskforce - Call for Evidence" consultation in line with this. 

Over the next 12 months, the taskforce will probe into this sector's challenges, facilitators, and prospective expansion areas, aiming to produce an independent report. 

As members of the global engineering community, your expertise, innovative solutions, case studies and feedback are pivotal in guiding this call for expertise.

We have always championed the cause of harnessing technology and innovation for societal betterment.

Our reports on Smart Homes for Healthier Ageing, Decarbonising the Built Environment, The Apollo Protocol, and Digitisation for construction product manufacturers are testaments to our commitment in these areas.

We are seeking comments to the following questions:


  • What are the most important issues the taskforce should seek to address regarding the needs and preferences of the ageing population?
  • Do you have specific recommendations for the taskforce to consider in this context?


  • In terms of housing products and technologies, what are the primary concerns the taskforce should address?
  • Do you have innovative solutions or recommendations for the taskforce in this domain?


  • How can we ensure that the local environments and communities are designed to support healthy ageing?
  • What specific recommendations would you suggest for the taskforce in this regard?

The IET Board of Trustees has decided to respond to the following consultation and will accept responses from IET members including Member, Fellow, Honorary Fellow, Student, and Associate. Please provide your membership number with your consultation response.

The IET is seeking to respond to the consultation and would welcome your views and comments on the questions posed.

This consultation is closed for comment.