Offshore Energy Strategic Environmental Assessment 4 Scoping

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is conducting a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of a draft plan/programme to enable future renewable leasing for offshore wind, wave and tidal devices and licensing/leasing for seaward oil and gas rounds, hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide gas storage, and offshore hydrogen.

A key purpose of scoping is to identify issues of concern at an early stage so that they can be considered in the SEA.

The purpose of the scoping report is to set out sufficient information to enable the Consultation Bodies and other interested parties to form a view and give feedback on the scope and level of detail of the information to be included in the SEA Environmental Report.

All feedback from the scoping consultation will be reviewed and, where appropriate, addressed in the OESEA4 Environmental Report.

A compilation of the scoping feedback and a response to these will be published at the end of the scoping stage on this consultation page.

Following on from the IET Offshore energy infrastructure landscaping report we are intending to respond to this consultation, and are looking to seek member’s views. 

The Institution of Engineering and Technology Trustees propose submitting a response to this consultation and invite comments from Members who have expertise in this area and have studied the consultation documents. In its capacity as a professional body, the IET will confine itself to only addressing those questions that are within its area(s) of competence.

For more information, please refer to the consultation webpage or our website.

This consultation is closed for comment.