Inquiry into Green Jobs

The IET will respond to various issues within the consultation. The IET aims to answer the following questions:

  • What estimates are there for the jobs required to meet the pathway to net-zero emissions and other environmental and biodiversity commitments?
  • Does the UK workforce have the skills and capacity needed to deliver the green jobs required to meet our net-zero target and other environmental ambitions (including in the 25-year environment plan)?
  • What needs to be done to ensure that these skills and capacity are developed in time to meet our environmental targets?
  • What measures should the Government take to ensure that its proposals to meet environmental targets do not by default lead to jobs in affected industries being exported?
  • What risks are there to meeting the Government’s ambitions for green job creation in both the public and private sectors? What should the Government do to create the conditions to ensure its commitments are met by both sectors?
  • Are the Government’s ambitions for green job creation in the public and private sectors sufficient for the scale of the challenges? What changes should be made?
  • How can the UK ensure jobs are created in areas most impacted by the transition to a low-carbon economy?
  • What impact can green jobs have on the wider UK economy?
  • What contribution can green jobs make to the UK’s economic recovery from Covid-19?
  • How can the UK ensure high emissions are not locked-in when tackling unemployment?

The Institution of Engineering and Technology Trustees propose submitting a response to this consultation and invite comments from Members who have expertise in this area and have studied the consultation documents. In its capacity as a professional body, the IET will confine itself to only addressing those questions that are within its area(s) of competence.

For more information and a summary of the questions, please refer to the consultation webpage.

This consultation is now closed for comment.