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Future support for low carbon heat - BEIS consultation

The consultation sets out proposals to increase the proportion of green gas in the grid, provision of targeted support for heat pumps and, in limited circumstances, biomass, through an upfront capital grant. This support will begin in April 2022, following an extension to the Domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme for one year. Capital grant funding will be available for two years.

The consultation has 44 questions. However, inputs are requested against those that are deemed relevant from responding individuals.  All responses will be collated to provide an IET consultation submission on behalf of its members and key stakeholders

The Institution of Engineering and Technology Trustees (IET) propose submitting a response to this call for evidence and invite comments from Members who have expertise in this area and have studied the inquiry documents.

In its capacity as a professional body, the IET will confine itself to only addressing those questions that are within its area(s) of competence.  In particular, the IET is interested in the issues surrounding digital skills and digital infrastructure, the attainment gap and the wider impact on preparing for potential future national crises.  The IET believes that strong digital skills can help mitigate the implications of such crises.

For more information and a summary of the questions, please refer to the consultation webpage on the IET website.

Please respond no later than 9 am on 01/07/20 to Caroline Holman, with "Future support for low carbon heat - BEIS consultation" in the subject line.