Embedding standards and pathways across the cyber profession by 2025

The cyber profession is nascent and has developed over the last generation, drawing on multiple specialisms, many of which have origins across other professional structures in science, law and engineering. It has now reached a level of maturity where it needs its own identity, shape and form.

DCMS undertook a public consultation exercise in 2018 which helped identify the characteristics of the profession and the need for a body to form this new identity. Through this, DCMS funded the creation of the UK Cyber Security Council which launched in March 2021. Government will look to this body as the authority on the cyber profession, bringing together the existing work of professional and certifications organisations in this space, to meaningfully communicate and assure consistency across standards and pathways.

This Council will need to succeed if wider government and industry ambitions to address the scale and diversity of the skills shortage are to be met. Government are now at the next stage of policy development, whereby they are considering how best to ensure that the UK Cyber Security Council is suitably empowered to be the voice of the profession. Government are keen for the Council to build governance and establish its leadership, and through which wider partnership can achieve and embed clarity in the profession. This consultation seeks views on the most effective means of doing this over the next strategic period between 2022-2025.

The rationale for intervention has been set out and challenged through stakeholder engagement across employers, practitioners and both academic and professional stakeholders.

The IET Board of Trustees has decided to respond to the following consultation and will accept responses from IET members including Member, Fellow, Honorary Fellow, Student, and Associate. Please provide your membership number with your consultation response.

The IET is seeking to respond to the consultation and would welcome your views and comments on the questions posed within the consultation.

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