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Draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan

The Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport in Scotland has commissioned a consultation on a route map of actions to deliver a flourishing net-zero energy system that supplies affordable, resilient and clean energy to Scotland’s workers, households, communities and businesses by 2045.

With a focus on 2030, the strategy sets out the policy positions and actions for the Scottish Government and the UK Government to take.  The aim is to create the conditions for a net zero energy system that benefits all Scottish communities and ensures national, regional and local energy economies can thrive. 

It aims to make Scotland innovative and competitive in domestic and international markets, a home for a multi-skilled energy workforce, boosting Scottish supply chains and manufacturing capabilities.

The IET Board of Trustees has decided to respond to the following consultation and will accept responses from IET members including Member, Fellow, Honorary Fellow, Student, and Associate. Please provide your membership number with your consultation response.

The IET is seeking to respond to the consultation and would welcome your views and comments on the questions posed.

Please respond no later than 9am on 17 April 2023 to Andrew Rylah with "Draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan" in the subject line.