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Reforming the Energy Industry Codes

Many of the detailed rules that facilitate the gas and electricity markets are set out in ‘codes’ or rules governed by industry-led processes and overseen by Ofgem.

These rules need to adapt much more rapidly to enable the transition towards a more flexible energy system with net-zero emissions while minimising costs and protecting consumers.

Reforming the code governance framework could, therefore, better facilitate strategic changes in the sector, unlocking innovation and significant benefits to consumers.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology Trustees propose submitting a response to this consultation and invite comments from Members who have expertise in this area and have studied the consultation documents. In its capacity as a professional body, the IET will confine itself to only addressing those questions that are within its area(s) of competence.

For more information and a summary of the questions, please refer to the consultation document.

Please respond no later than 6 September 2019 to James Robottom with “Reforming the Energy Industry Codes” in the subject header.