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Security and Risk in Transport Systems and Infrastructure

IET factfile: Security and risk in transport systems and infrastructure

In recent years, terrorist organisations have pursued their objectives through attacks on public places, transport systems and infrastructure and other areas deemed vulnerable.

Examples include:

  • industrial installations - Natural gas plant in Algeria, where 67 people were killed (2013)
  • maritime security - 233 incidents of piracy and armed robbery on a worldwide basis (2012)
  • urban security - Mumbai, in and around the Taj Hotel, where 164 people were killed (2008)
  • underground train / Public Transport Security in London - 52 killed and 700 injured (2005)
  • train security - Madrid train bombings where 191 people were killed (2004)
  • airport security - 9/11 Twin Towers in New York and associated attacks, where nearly 3,000 people were killed (2001).