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Advancing safety in transport through automation (flyer)

IET factfile: Advancing safety in transport through automation - flyer

This short document provides an overview of our full report and features key recommendations to advance safety in transport through automation using a cross-modal approach. We discuss the four transport modes – road, rail, maritime and air – and examine the current approaches to safety whilst looking at potential approaches for advancement.

Automation is widely expected to have positive results for safety in the road sector. Automatic train control offers the possibility of improving the efficiency of the control of the movement of trains on the network by removing the variabilities of human driving and by eliminating human error.

The fast pace of change in maritime autonomy demands updated and relevant guidance for those owning and operating maritime autonomous surface ships. And lastly, automation not only has the potential to further improve the safety of aircrafts, but also to extend the use of aircrafts in undertaking dull, dirty, and

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