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Sustainable manufacturing - leading the change

IET factfile: Sustainable manufacturing: leading change

The word sustainability means different things to different people. For some, it is maintaining the financial viability of the company to continue trading in the next year. For others, it has an environmental and social imperative to ensure that future generations have the same opportunities and benefits that the current generation has enjoyed. Fundamentally it is about ensuring that what we do in the short term does not undermine the possibilities in the long term.

There are significant financial, environmental and social pressures on the industry. Sustainable manufacturing offers opportunities to reduce costs and open up new markets. It presents a means by which we can conserve vital resources and prevent environmental damage. It challenges us to better care for our employees and supports a wider society. Sustainability for some can have negative connotations of “greenwash” and restricting business through legislation.

Capturing the achievements of the leaders in sustainable manufacturing presents a picture of vibrancy and achievement in not just environmental and social performance but business performance too.