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IET Skills Survey 2019 - issues and actions

IET factfile: Skills and Demand in Industry Survey 2019 - issues and actions

The infographic highlights facts and figures about engineering employers in the UK. Actions around these issues will be key to the IET’s campaigns over the next 12-18 months.

  • The skills challenge
    To improve potential recruits’ workplace readiness and employability, more employers should commit to delivering high-quality apprenticeship schemes, T Level work placements and other work experience opportunities. Systemic liaison with education partners is essential to ensure fitness for purpose and benefits for all parties.
    To raise awareness of the range of engineering and technology opportunities and to improve the supply of more diverse recruits, education, industry and professional engineering institutions (PEIs) should strategically work together and engage with under-represented groups.

  • Apprenticeship Levy
    The Government should give employers greater flexibility on spending for skills development, relaxing apprenticeship levy restrictions and supporting alternative, high-quality training options.

  • T Levels
    The Government should do more to raise awareness and take-up of T Levels as a valued, attractive qualification, equivalent to A Levels, that offers wide-ranging vocational and higher-level study opportunities. Engagement with students at an early age is an essential element, together with targeted approaches to parents, teachers and businesses.
    The Government should commit to ensuring the ongoing financial and staffing capability of the education sector to deliver T Levels effectively and keep pace with technological advances.

  • Employer approaches to training
    Employers should take advantage of the growing range and network of flexible, individually tailored and innovative approaches to upskilling technical staff. This is particularly beneficial for SMEs where resourcing pressures, capabilities, size or location may preclude traditional training routes.
    All employers should formally adopt ongoing workforce development and upskilling initiatives as a means of enhancing competitive advantage and commercial success.

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