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Design and evidence

IET factfile: Design and evidence

Published as a piece of supporting material for the IET’s first ‘Thing BIG Future Health & Life Science’ event in Glasgow, this article – written by Dr. Leo Poll, a member of the IET Healthcare Panel – explores the relationship between users’ needs and engineering innovation in the healthcare space using examples taken from other technological areas.

Evidence of needs and design success not only speeds up development, but more importantly, ensures that the right ‘thing’ is in development. Designing without evidence is like travelling without a map - you don’t know where you are going and you’ll never know whether you have arrived. The IET’s Think BIG Future Health & Life Science event on Design and Evidence brought together professionals who are aware of healthcare needs (the goals) and those who can develop the solutions to jointly define the shortest route to success.

This position paper discusses how a needs-driven approach, as opposed to a solutions-driven one, ensures the best possible outcomes.