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Healthcare commissioning - time for a more business like approach?

IET factfile: Healthcare commissioning - time for a more business-like approach?

Commissioning – the process of planning, paying for and monitoring health and care services - has become a key area of focus for IET Healthcare, which has a duty to promote the introduction of new innovations and technology that can help the NHS become more efficient and make best use of the resources and funds at its disposal.

The development of technology has the potential to improve productivity within the NHS and deliver improved patient outcomes, which coincides with the IET’s objectives, but in order to move forward, the methods by which services are commissioned require closer scrutiny. Though the total healthcare system may benefit from lower costs from an innovation, who pays is not necessarily who benefits - this acting as a structural barrier to innovation.

Written by Guy Gross, a member of the IET Healthcare Panel, this article aims to challenge conventional healthcare sector thinking on how the NHS deficit might be tackled and more innovation achieved by considering business-like approaches that focus on standardisation rather than rationalisation.