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Provision and use of work equipment

IET factfile: Health and Safety - Provision and use of work equipment

A health and safety briefing provided by the IET.

This brief outlines the legal requirement the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) which came into force on 5 December 1998. Whilst the main requirements are summarized, the reader is advised to refer to the complete set of Regulations and the corresponding ACOP to ensure compliance. The Regulations have been produced to ensure that risks to persons using work equipment is prevented or adequately controlled.

In general terms, the Regulations require that equipment provided for use at work is: suitable for the intended use; safe for use, maintained in a safe condition and inspected to ensure this remains the case; used only by people who have received adequate information, instruction and training; and accompanied by suitable safety measures, e.g. PPE protective devices