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Behaviour based safety

IET factfile: Health and Safety - Behaviour-based safety

A health and safety briefing provided by the IET.

Historically workplace safety standards were achieved through the better management of safety. Employees, employers and HSE have focussed on such issues as safe systems and methods of work, safe working environments and safe plant and equipment. Massive advancements have been made in the UK through this approach and the UK workplace safety record is now one of the best in Europe.

However, there are limits to the improvements that can be achieved through the above approach; “Behavioural Safety” is a way of gaining further improvements in safety performance through promoting safe behaviours at all levels in the workplace. It is not a substitute for the important and traditional approach of safe systems of work etc. but rather adds a further dimension to emphasise employee involvement and personal responsibility.

This Health and Safety Brief outlines one approach to implementing a Behavioural Safety System.