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Are there harmful biological effects of low level electromagnetic fields at frequencies up to 300 GHz

IET factfile: Health and Safety - Do low-level electromagnetic fields up to 300GHz harm us?

The absence of robust new evidence of harmful effects of EMFs during 2014 and 2015 is again reassuring and is consistent with findings reported by the Biological Effects Policy Advisory Group (BEPAG) over the past two decades.

The widespread use of electricity and telecommunications has demonstrable value to society, including numerous health benefits. BEPAG is of the opinion that it remains important that these factors, along with the overall scientific evidence, should be taken into account by policy makers when considering the costs and benefits of both the implementation of any precautionary approaches to public exposure, and also in the development of public-exposure guidelines.

Extra care should be taken with public media and scientific journal reporting of unsubstantiated positive causal link studies.