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Emerging Capability on Power System Modelling: HVDC Systems

IET factfile: Emerging Capability on Power System Modelling: HVDC Systems

This brief paper introduces the background of the HVDC technologies, namely LCC HVDC and VSC HVDC, then classifications of different power system controls and power system dynamic phenomena are presented.

Then current modelling capability for HVDC technologies is discussed based on the above classifications. Noting the fact that different phenomena are studied using different simulation tools, with different level of details in power system components modelling, with different assumptions where the simulation tools are further classified into non real-time tools and real-time tools. However, it is possible now to model and simulate all the dynamic phenomena using unified advanced Electromagnetic Transient Simulation Tools.

The models cover LCC HVDC models for Transient stability studies; LCC HVDC models for small signal stability studies; LCC HVDC model for power flow studies. In almost the same sequence, we discuss the models for VSC HVDC.

Then we review the emerging HVDC technologies and modelling challenges for HVDC modelling and research development: benchmark EMT models for HVDC; HVDC control parameters; “Multi-Terminal Test Environment (MTTE) for HVDC Systems”; high frequency small signal stability models; large scale power system simulation with HVDC grid. Finally we present our recommendations.