IET Skills Survey 2017 - issues and actions

IET factfile: Skills and Demand in Industry Survey 2017 - issues and actions

The infographic highlights facts and figures about engineering employers in the UK. Actions around these issues will be key to the IET’s campaigns over the next 12-18 months.

  • Foster home-grown talent while retaining existing skills

    Recommendation for: Government
    Now that the UK is in the process of leaving the EU, it is critical that government works more closely with educators and industry on a long-term plan. This should focus on developing UK engineering expertise while retaining non-UK workers who have the skills needed by engineering businesses as Brexit comes into effect. There is also a need to make the apprenticeship levy guidelines clearer so employers can use it effectively to develop training.

  • Build a flexible and agile workforce through CPD and work experience

    Recommendation for: employers and educators
    Businesses recognise the impact that digitisation and advanced automation will have in the near term but many are not fully prepared. To ensure the current and future workforce has the right skills and capability, establishing and maintaining a solid Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework must now be a top priority for employers. Furthermore, to improve work-readiness in new recruits, we urge employers to work together with schools and colleges to provide more work experience opportunities for young people.

  • Make engineering accessible to everyone

    Recommendation for: employers
    The vast majority of employers surveyed this year have not introduced gender/BAME/LGBT initiatives. Companies need to increase their efforts to encourage people from diverse backgrounds into the profession. For example, providing regular unconscious bias awareness training would help eliminate barriers into the profession and retain those already in it.