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5G Networks for Policy Makers

IET factfile: 5G Networks for Policy Makers

The IET Guide “5G Networks for Policy Makers” makes 5G more accessible to the policymakers and assists in identifying the most important 5G network changes ready to be rolled out from 2020.

The guide is produced by the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s Communications Policy Panel, a group of industry and academic telecommunications experts, with the aim of offering independent and impartial advice to help policymakers cut through the many, and potentially confusing, visions of 5G – and focus on the key policy challenges that need addressing to get 5G off the ground by 2020, and then onto a track to be transformational for the UK economy by 2025.

The main point for policymakers from the guide are:

  • Clearly define the scope of the 5G fabric
  • Focus on securing reliable universal coverage as well as high capacity urban coverage
  • Modernise the regulatory framework to reduce the cost of maximising coverage

The guide calls on the Government and Ofcom to adopt a bold and ambitious approach to making the right decisions now to deliver the world-class digital infrastructure that consumers and business will need over the next decade. Download the IET 5G Networks for Policy Makers Guide.